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We have no plans of restocking any Kikker parts!
Hardknock Rear Sprocket
Need more speed? Here it is! Smaller rear sprocket for the Hardnock 125 or 200. Made in the USA! SALE! Free Shipping!(lower 48)
Price: $59.00 $39.00
Tooth count:
Speedo Cables
Complete replacement speedo cables. Make sure your cable ends match one of those pictured and check the options. Length; 36"
Price: $26.00 $16.00
Kikker Sprocket studs
Quality aftermarket replacement Hardknock sprocket studs. Stud ONLY, nut no longer included. Replacement bushing sold on page 7. Sold each.
Price: $8.00 $6.00
Shoulder Nut
Replacement shoulder nut for sprocket studs. Sold each.
Price: $4.50 $3.50
Piston Rings
Choose from 70cc/90cc or 110cc Piston Rings.
Price: $12.00
engine size:
Piston & Ring Kit
Kit includes piston and rings for 70cc/90cc or 110cc.
Price: $38.00
engine size:
Cylinder Gasket Set
Gaskets needed for rebuilding the top end.
Price: $14.00
engine size:
Sprocket Bracket
Replacement front sprocket Bracket in case you lose the one you have.
Price: $3.00
shaft size: