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300XRX Parts & Accessories pg. 1
We'll be adding more parts in the future. Due to a currently high sales volume, availability varies from day to day, in the event a part is not in stock it may take an additional 5 days to restock and ship we will only list a part as 'not in stock' in the event that it will be out of stock for more than 2 weeks. Please contact us before ordering a part that is listed as "Out of stock". Don't see what you need? Contact us, chances are we can get it.
300XRX Big Bore Kit
High quality TRP 74mm Big Bore Kit. Turn your TrailMaster 300 (275cc) into a 288cc machine! More power across the board. Includes;74 mm block & head gaskets,
Iron Cylinder block
74mm Piston with wrist pin, circlips and rings. You will NOT need to modify your engine case, bolt On and Go!

Carburetor rejet may be neccessary. Professional installation is recommended!


NO WARRANTY ON RACE ENGINE parts or engine big bore kits. There is no warranty stated or implied due to the unusual stresses placed on these parts, we will not be held liable for any failure or damage caused directly or indirectly from use of these products. The user assumes full responsibility for any damage caused directly or indirectly by their use.
Price: $375.00
300XRX Gates Belt
Quality replacement Gates belt.
Price: $69.00
300 Clutch Spring
Use with lighter wieght rollers for better low end torque. Puts more pressure on the belt for less slipping. Down shifts quicker. Spring isYELLOW.
Price: $30.00
300XRX Sliders
Sold in a pack of 8, because the 300XRX requires 8! Dr. Pulley 9 gram sliders. Most places sell them in packs of 6 and require you to buy 2 packs. Save!
Price: $45.00
Dr. Pulley HIT Clutch 300XRX
The Dr Pulley HiT clutch has high-quality clutch pad material running the length of the clutch arms for maximum surface area engagement with the clutch bell. Additionally, the HiT clutch has a secondary mechanism that engages when your CVT system reaches a certain RPM (tunable with the included three sets of "pillow" springs). This secondary mechanism locks the clutch arms in place against the clutch bell preventing clutch slippage when under load! The result? Solid clutch engagement at all times, particularly when accelerating and climbing. This clutch is extremely tuneable with- three clutch arm spring sets, and three pillow spring sets. Sold as pictured. Out of Stock.
Price: $349.00 $299.00
Dr. Pulley 300XRX Variator
This high performance variator from Dr Pulley is designed to increase performance over stock variators. Precision engineered ramp plates create less friction on the rollers or sliders, allowing them to adapt more rapidly to changing driving conditions and resulting in less wear. The longer angle ramp plates in the Dr Pulley variators allow for faster and smoother engagement at all speeds, and allow lighter weighted sliders to fully extend to make the most of your CVT system. Sold as Pictured.
Price: $229.00 $189.00
300 XRX Clutch
Stock replacement 300XRX clutch pulley assembly. Bell not included, sold as pictured.
Price: $99.00
300XRX muffler clamp
Stock replacement 300XRX muffler band clamp.
Price: $12.00
300XRX Front Brake Pads
Replacement 300XRX front brake pads. sold as pictured.
Price: $14.00
300XRX Rear Brake Pads
Replacement 300XRX rear brake pads. sold as pictured
Price: $19.00
300XRX Exhaust Gasket
Replacement 300XRX exhaust gasket.
Price: $5.00
300XRX Ignitor
Stock replacement 300XRX ignitor.
Price: $40.00
300XRX Regulator/Retifier
Stock replacement 300XRX regulator/rectifier.
Price: $36.00
300XRX Key Switch
Stock replacement 300XRX ignition switch key set. now includes steering lock(not pictured)
Price: $29.00
300XRX Parking Brake Cable
Stock replacement 300XRX parking brake cable.
Price: $26.00
300XRX Reverse Cable
Stock replacement 300XRX reverse cable.
Price: $22.00
300XRX Throttle Cable
Stock replacement 300XRX throttle cable.
Price: $24.00
300XRX Radiator/Fan Assemble
Stock replacement 300XRX Radiaor and fan assemble.
Price: $159.00
300XRX Rod End
Stock replacement 300XRX rod end.
Price: $19.00
300XRX Tie Rod
Replacement tie rod
Price: $15.00
300XRX Isolator Gasket
Stock replacement 300XRX isolater gasket.
Price: $7.00
300XRX Auto Fuel Shut Valve
Stock replacement auto fuel shut off valve (vacuum).
Price: $15.00
300XRX Manual Fuel valve
Factory replacement manual fuel shut off valve.
Price: $16.00
12 tooth top sprocket
Newly sourced 12 tooth replacement top sprocket. Replace your stock tires with larger ones? Need more low end? Here's your answer! New picture coming soon.
Price: $29.99
13 tooth top sprocket
Newly sourced 13 tooth replacement top sprocket. Need more low end? Here's your answer! New picture coming soon.
Price: $29.99
300XRX Sprocket Locking Plate
Replacement sprocket locking plate. Fits 300XRX only. Holds top sprocket.
Price: $6.00
Axle set bolt
Replacement allen head axle set bolt. part #9.101.018 Sold each.
Price: $4.00
Woodruff Key
Replacement axle woodruff key. Part #8.110.057-300G Sold each.
Price: $4.00
Swing arm bushings
Replacement swing arm bushings. Part #7.020.008 Sold each.
Price: $6.00
Replacement strut. Specify passenger or drivers side, fits 150 or 300.
Price: $65.00
300XRX Rear Caliper
Replacement rear brake caliper.
Price: $79.00
300XRX Master Cylinder
Replacement 300XRX master cylinder.
Price: $59.00
300XRX Coil
Replacement ignition coil and wire.
Price: $26.00
300XRX Starter Relay
Replacement 300XRX starter relay.
Price: $16.00
300XRX Starter
Stock 300XRX starter.
Price: $80.00
More Coming Soon!